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A young couple in Dalian Xinghai Square.

Image by Gauthier Chinease sex via Flickr. Summer camps conjure thoughts of soccer games, arts and crafts, and music around a campfire.

A new trend in China, however, trades chinaese activities for something more serious: Now, there are chinease sex practitioners and this year, more parents are signing their kids up to counter the lack of holistic sex-ed in schools. Sexologist and educator Fang Gang, for example, has camps planned for 20 provinces and districts across China this year, according to Sixth Tone.

chinease sex

His main philosophy is that chineade should be carried out before the final years chinease sex high school--the earlier kids learn chinease sex sex, the better. Fang believes that schools should teach children about sex so they can be equipped with the knowledge to protect themselves and understand their sexuality. He also advocates for sex-ed as a means to prevent domestic violence and sexual assault.

The report detailed that young Chinese students sometimes learn about sex solely through talking to their friends or watching pornography. A aex by the Chinease sex Nations Population Fund found that half of the Chinese teenagers who were sexually chinease sex did not use contraception the first time they had sex.

Reports say that half of the 13 million abortion cases in China every year involve women under the age of Most teachers focus on encouraging abstinenceas chinease sex to teaching the implications of sex.

A class in Qingdao earlier this month was attended by eleven children between the ages chinease sex 7 and 11 and their parents, Sixth Tone reported. These classes are even more necessary now since some experts say that Chinese chinease sex have become more sexually active in recent years.

Inthe Wall Street Journal reported that 71 percent of respondents to a sex survey said they have engaged in pre-marital sex. Inthis statistic chinease sex at 15 percent.

Li Yinhe, a sexologist and advocate for chinease sex freedom who conducted the survey, told CGTN in May last year that China is going through a sexual awakening. Find Meera on Twitter and Chineaae.